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Refresh Your Look With Permanent Eyebrows in Atlanta

Refresh Your Look With Permanent Eyebrows in Atlanta

Here at Abraza Skin Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, we understand the valuable time and money many women waste daily while trying to keep up with their appearance by constantly having to apply and purchase makeup. That is why we recommend to many of our patients the benefits and convenience of permanent eyebrows. Having thick and perfectly sculpted eyebrows is “in” now more than ever. That’s why we are passionate about informing and providing the service of perfectly defined eyebrows to all of our customers.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation, is just that. It is a type of tattooing in which the esthetician implants pigmentation into the skin’s upper layers. Permanent makeup can be applied to the lips, eyelids or eyebrows. Although it can fade over time, permanent makeup is generally long-lasting and permanent just like any other tattoo. For those who have lost the original fullness of their eyebrows over time, getting permanent eyebrows can be life-changing, and face-defining.

Why Get Permanent Eyebrows?

There are many reasons to get permanent eyebrows. Some people simply like the convenience of not having to apply makeup every day, or they may prefer the appearance of permanent eyebrows. The permanent appearance saves customers not only the time of application, but also the hundreds of dollars that is wasted while purchasing makeup, the cost of waxing, and the constant plucking and shaping eyebrows require. It can also help individuals who have physical problems, such as vision loss or tremors in their hands that would typically make applying their own makeup difficult.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the cosmetic tattooing procedure done to fill in thin eyebrows, or even create the appearance of an eyebrow for a client who has lost their natural brows. Our trained professionals use a handheld tool similar to the tool used in standard tattooing that lightly mimics the appearance of hair while adding color to the dermis layer of the skin. This technique results in the appearance of 3D, 6D, or eyebrow embroidery.

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