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PRP Vampire Facial: What to Expect

PRP Vampire Facial: What to Expect

Although some skin creams can be effective at treating certain aging problems, most of the time, these gentle treatments are simply not potent enough to successfully rejuvenate the skin. If you are tired of your rough skin texture, unattractive fine lines/wrinkles, and noticeable large pores, a PRP Vampire Facial may be the perfect solution to these skin problems.

The Vampire Facial is an extremely safe procedure that uses your own blood to treat the most common signs of aging. By using the unique healing power of your own body, this facial has been shown to repair the skin to a healthy and youthful state.

The PRP Vampire Facial Procedure

Since the PRP Vampire Facial is a quick procedure with virtually no downtime, many people prefer this anti-aging treatment over ones that require long, intensive surgery. For your convenience, the PRP Vampire Facial is completed in the comfort of our office. It involves multiple step.

Before the actual procedure begins, we will withdraw a small amount of blood from your body. In order to successfully form the PRP or platelet-rich plasma concentration, we will place your blood sample in a centrifuge, which is a state-of-the-art machine that is primarily responsible for isolating the platelets. During this centrifuge process, the platelets are activated to release essential healing cells and growth factors.

From there, a special microneedling device is used in order to perform the procedure. The PRP concentration will also be applied to your face during this step. As soon as the microneedling is finished, the rest of the PRP concentration may be applied to your face so that the growth factors have the opportunity to penetrate deeply into the tissues. When this happens, your skin will eventually plump up and thicken. The final result is a face with less fine lines, scars, and wrinkles.

In the days after the PRP Vampire Facial has been completed, you should notice a beautiful glow on your face. In order to ensure that your skin stays rejuvenated, our highly trained practitioners can provide you with everything you need to know regarding post-treatment care.

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