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Hair Growth Solutions in Atlanta

Hair Growth Solutions in Atlanta

People in Atlanta are prone to hair loss and balding like people everywhere else in America. It can strike at a young age or later in a person’s life. Generally, the notion of hair loss is something that is disturbing to most people who have to deal with its occurrence. With that being said, it is encouraging to note that there has been an explosion in the area of understanding how hair follicles work. While there is not a complete understanding of this subject yet, there are still viable hair growth treatments for helping people today that did not work as well or were not available decades ago.

Drugs vs. Supplements

Over the years, two primary drugs have been used to address issues with hair growth in men and women. The first of these drugs is Minoxidil (sold as Rogaine). The second drug, Finasteride (sold as Propecia), is only useful in preventing male hair loss. But these drugs can only do so much. We’ve found that Viviscal hair growth supplements have shown excellent results when it comes to hair restoration for both men and women. It is important to note, however, that results vary.

Hair Transplant Surgery vs. Non-Surgical Methods

Another way to establish hair growth which is more permanent in nature is to go the route of hair transplant surgery. In these surgical procedures, the doctor proceeds to either poke holes in the scalp with a needle to transplant individual follicles in, or the doctor makes slits in the scalp with a scalpel to transplant segment grafts into so that they can take hold. Although these types of procedures can be quite successful, they definitely come with their downsides since they require surgery.

At Abraza Skin Studio, we are proud to offer non-surgical treatments for hair growth. One popular treatment involves the use of PRP, which is a natural approach. During a consultation at our office in Atlanta, you can learn more about your options, including which method is likely to work best in your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.