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Experience Hair Restoration via PRP in Atlanta, GA

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Experience Hair Restoration via PRP in Atlanta, GA

The first time you noticed that your hair was thinning or balding, you felt your stomach drop. From there, you tried everything you could think of to stave off further hair loss, including medicated shampoos, hair growing serums, and supplements that promised real results. You’ve learned, however, that few of those products live up to the claims they make. But you’re not ready to give up on your hair quite yet! There are a ton of hair treatment procedures out there, but only one can give you the natural hair growth you want. You can experience hair restoration via PRP in Atlanta!

What is PRP?

First, PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which is the part of your blood that contains healing white blood cells and rejuvenating growth factors. We extract your PRP by doing a routine blood draw and placing your blood into a centrifuge. We will then create a serum that can be injected into your scalp in the areas where you are seeing hair loss or thinning.

PRP for Hair Loss

The best thing about PRP is that uses the power of your blood to heal your body. Once the PRP is injected into your scalp, it will supercharge those malfunctioning, aged, or damaged hair follicles with growth factors and white blood cells. Those healed hair follicles will then start producing hair just like they once did. PRP also helps increase blood circulation and decreased any inflammation.

For the best results, we recommend a series of treatments scheduled weeks apart. You might not see results right away, but that is only because you are re-growing your own hair. And that means your hair follicles will start producing new growth, so in a matter of months, you can start seeing amazing results.

Unlike so many invasive hair treatments, PRP in Atlanta comes with no down time and no side effects. There is also no risk of any allergic reaction. You won’t have to hide hair transplant scars for hair grafts or deal with unnatural hair plugs. There is absolutely no surgery, lasers, or scalpels needed for PRP!

Are You a Candidate for Hair Restoration via PRP?

Most people make excellent candidates for PRP therapy. This procedure is especially effective for those that have weak hair growth, are in the beginning stages of hair loss, suffer from female balding, or have alopecia. During your first consultation, we can take your medical history and put together a detailed treatment plan for you.

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Your self-confidence could use a boost! There’s no reason why you have to suffer through your hair loss or accept your thinning hair. For more information on what hair restoration via PRP can do for you, we warmly invite you to reach out and make an appointment with Abraza Skin Studio. At our convenient locations in Atlanta and Silver Spring, we can help you get back the head of hair you’ve so desperately been missing. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!